Captain Fawcett - Razor - Stillanleg rakvél Skeggsnyrting- Herrafataverslun Kormáks & Skjaldar
Captain Fawcett - Razor - Stillanleg rakvél Skeggsnyrting- Herrafataverslun Kormáks & Skjaldar

    Captain Fawcett Rakvél - Rockwell Adjustable Safety Razor

    14,900 kr.
    VSK. innifalinn Sendingargjald reiknast við greiðslu.

    Glæsileg rakvél frá Captain Fawcett. Kemur með þremur hausum sem gefur þér val um hvernig rakstur þú vilt.

    Frá framleiðanda:

    Captain Fawcett, himself no stranger to the maxim that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, is likewise a huge admirer of the innovative skills expounded by his dear chums over at Rockwell. These frightfully clever chaps are the creators of the world renowned, patented, fully adjustable 6C double edge safety razor designed for all skin types and stubble length.

    It’s a wonder to behold, fusing both form and everyday function and, as such, one is to be found in the Captain’s very own personal grooming arsenal. How this collaboration came about is quite a story in itself however suffice to say that the plot was hatched over several whisky sours in the King Edward Hotel, downtown Toronto. As a result Captain Fawcett has been granted permission to utilise Rockwell’s design whilst adding some elegant adjustments to suit his own discerning taste.

    This ingenious and patented design provides 6 options for shaving to ensure that you can define the closeness, smoothness and comfort of your shave. This beautifully made double edge razor combines revolutionary precision engineered blade angles and adjustability to deliver an unequalled shaving experience.

    Cutting edge craftsmanship has resulted in a  perfectly weighted and balanced razor that offers both intuitive handling and effortless glide. Cast from premium high-end zinc alloys with a striking white chrome finish.

    Weight: 90g 
    Height: 100mm

    Created in Canada.

    Instructional leaflet is provided.

    Please note: This fully adjustable double edge safety razor is supplied without blades. You will need to obtain a pack of high quality double edged stainless steel razor blades, available from your local pharmacy. 

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