About Us

Located in the basement of Laugavegur 59, in downtown Reykjavik, is a men's clothing store filled with everything you may need for both casual and formal occasions. Founded by two friends, Kormákur and Skjöldur in 1996. This time capsule of a shop can provide you with quality clothing from brands such as Barbour, Filson, Walker Slater as well as the Icelandic design, in-store brand Kormákur&Skjöldur

Mens Fashion Clothing store in Reykjavik, Iceland

The shop has been a go-to place since 1996 for many locals when looking for quality suits, outerwear, blazers or shirts just to name a few. So if you need to buy men's fashion in Reykjavík our well trained staff will assist you, helping you to find clothes that fit your needs.  

You can contact us by phone: +354 511-1817
You can visit our instagram: @kormakurogskjoldur

For all marketing and sponsorship requests
please contact: markadsstjori@kormakurogskjoldur.is

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday: 11:00 - 18:00
Sunday: Closed

Kormakur and Skjoldur in Icelandic Suits - Mens Clothing Store in Reykjavik, Iceland

Looking forward to seeing you.